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Taiamam The “Taiamam Project” is a real estate development located in Uberlândia – MG performed by Karaiba Construction in 1982. The neighborhood was designed by architect Beatriz de Oliveira Santos aiming to meet the needs of a sidelined class of the population which at the time had great difficulty in acquiring their own home. The […]

Edifício Karaíba I

Edifício Karaíba I The Karaíba I building was the first building by Karaíba in Uberlândia and was launched in 2003. Due to its privileged location, in front of the Praia Clube, along with a distinctive and modern design, the venture became a success story. Karaíba Empresarial Edifício Karaíba III Edifício Karaíba IV Loteamento Itapema Sul […]

Jardim Karaíba

Jardim Karaíba The “Jardim Karaíba” project, located in the southern city of Uberlândia, was conceived in 1980 with the objective of meeting the needs of a middle class that had no options of neighborhoods with special features. The biggest concern at the time was to develop an urban project that offered the middle class of […]

Edifício Karaíba II

Edifício Karaíba II The Karaíba II Building is located in the prime area of the city of Uberlândia, Minas Gerais, located at 121 Tijuca Street in Copacabana, with panoramic views of Praia Clube. Its point of difference being its functional modern design for 3 bedroom aprtments that include 1 ensuite, 2 parking spaces per unit, […]

Loteamento Itapema Sul

Loteamento Itapema Sul Designed and implemented by Karaíba in the 80’s in the southern district of Uberlândia in Minas Gerais. Today incorporated into the exclusive neighborhood of Jardim Karaíba, these excellent houses are a great option for living well. Karaíba still has lots from 367.40 m2 on offer.Further information may be obtained by calling (34) […]

Edifício Karaíba IV

Edifício Karaíba IV The Karaíba IV building is located in the prime area of the city of Uberlândia, Minas Gerais, at 141 Tijuca Street in Copacabana with unfathomable views over Praia Clube. Come enjoy this privilege, living in apartments of 3 bedrooms, one with an ensuite and dressing room, cloakroom, utility room, a large balcony […]

Edifício Karaíba III

Edíficio Karaíba III The Karaíba III building offers 2 apartments per floor, overlooking the Praia Clube private club in the most exclusive area of ​​the city of Uberlândia, Minas Gerais, located at 315 Tijuca Street in Copacabana.Each apartment includes 2 bedroom with ensuites, two living rooms, guest bathroom, large balcony and 2 parking spaces per […]

Karaíba Empresarial

Karaíba Empresarial Building with an excellent location in the Bairro Fundinho in Uberlândia – MG, Rua Coronel Manoel Alves, 189, the only commercial building in the Barrio Fundinho, the most sophisticated shopping disctrict in Uberlândia. Designed to meet the needs of small businesses and professionals who seek to have their offices in an exclusive location. […]